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Design Thinking is an ideology and iterative process that aims to develop creative ideas and innovations. It is a practical way to solve complex problems that occurs around us.

Empathy is the most important step of the process!

What Will I Learn?

  • The basics of Design Thinking
  • How to apply Design Thinking
  • What exactly is the Design Thinking?

Topics for this course

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1. What is the Purpose of Design Thinking??

The main goal is to be able to solve design problems based on the client's need which is determined during the first step of the process.

2. Stages in the Design Thinking Process

3. Practical Design Thinking Tips

4. Videos Explaining the Design Thinking Process

5. Applying the Process – Maniplak Project?

Here we have an example of the Design Thinking Process in use with a client. We called this the Maniplak Project! The client is an Ottawa police officer who analyzes the impact of blood on crime scenes and interprets them to understand the origin of the crime using an impact panel with an adjustable angle. An impact panel is a board that catches blood at specific angles. It is used to determine where a person was when blood went flying.

Activity 1: Plastic Pollution?

Application of the design thinking process in the context of plastic pollution.

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