Junior climate changers

Maria yzabell angel palma

Learn more about how she developed an Air Disc, a new form of cooling system.

Greta Thunberg

Learn more about how she inspired an international movement to fight climate crisis.

Charles Wang & Spencer Zezulka

Learn more about their process of bacterial production of fuels which captures CO2 leading to a cleaner atmosphere.

climate changers

Dr. Shide Salimi

Learn more about how she is developing control strategies to confront climate change.

Dr. Ayanna howard

Learn more about how she developed SnoMote to identify the impacts of global warming.

Shadi Hatami

Learn more about how she is investigating the impacts of climate change on freeze and thaw patterns in Quebec.

FIND out what organizations have been doing to tackle climate change

direct air capture

The Carbon Engineering (CE) was founded in 2009 in Calgary, Alberta by Professor David Keith to develop and commercialize technology that captures climate-relevant quantities of carbon dioxide from the air.