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Microplastics: Marine and Human Life

Microplastics have been persistently found in marine ecosystems throughout the world. The size and abundance of microplastics make them accessible to ingestion by different marine organisms and easy to transfer across different trophic levels inside the food chain. In this course, you will address these issues related while focusing on how marine and human life are impacted.

What Will I Learn?

  • In this online course, you will learn the sizes, sources and types of microplastics, and how they affect marine and human life. Then, we will also discuss how to reduce microplastic pollution.

Topics for this course

6 Lessons


Plastic, Plastic Everywhere
Looking Closer to See Micro Particles
Where do They Come From?
Effect on Marine Life
Are Humans at Risk?
What Can be Done?

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Suhailah Sban

Bioscience PhD

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Dear Suhailah,

Well done! It looks great!

All ideas were well explained throughout the course. An aspect that was intriguing to me were the mini micro plastics, I enjoyed how u talked about all parts of the micro plastics Well done!

Author has covered the necessary information concisely. Would definitely recommend for a quick but well put lesson.

It’s a very clear and understanding. One thing I would change would be, adding scientific evidence that prove your study.

Important, thoughtful topic and related with climate change.


Material Includes

  • Online resources, presentations, images and videos

Target Audience

  • Since microplastics are ubiquitous in our ecosystem, everyone should be considering how to help save aquatic and terrestrial organisms' lives.