Microplastics: More to Know!

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If you’d like to expand your knowledge about microplastics (MPs), you are in the right place! Taking this course will help you learn more about the chemical and physical properties of MPs, as well as how they are produced and how to identify them inside certain products. Ever wondered if MPs are in the air? Is there a link between MPs and respiratory complications? What about virus infection? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then this is the course for you!

Avec ce cours, je vais apprendre:

  • This mini-course was created to dive deeper into microplastics' chemical and physical properties, and how they are generated.

Sujets pour ce cours


Microplastic Composition

Chemical Properties of MPs
Physical Properties of MPs

Looking Into Microplastic Production

Risks Associated With Microplastics

Identifying Microplastics in Products

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Suhailah Sban

Bioscience PhD

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  • Anybody and everybody! As this mini-course will help raise awareness of the potential risks of MPs.