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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Biomedical engineering is a field that combines the application of engineering with medicine in order to address medical needs. This field has improved healthcare and contributed to the development of life-saving innovations and systems such as artificial hearts and kidneys. Biomedical engineers adapt computer software for health care applications, develop engineered therapies, design …

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Computer Engineering

Other Types Of Engineering Computer Engineering Computer engineering is a branch that combines fields of electrical engineering with computer science in order to make further advancements in computer networking and systems. Computer engineers design and develop various technological devices using their knowledge of programming languages, software design and operating systems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kariHpsxPhY

Software Engineering

Other Types Of Engineering Software Engineering Software engineering is a branch of computer science based on the application of engineering principles to the design and implementation of software. Software engineers learn a range of skills that allow them build apps and develop software products such as computer games and operating systems. Thus, software engineers are responsible …

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Ocean Engineering

Other Types Of Engineering Ocean Engineering Ocean engineers have the opportunity to work closely with oceanographers and marine biologists to design equipment that is useful for marine research. They must have knowledge of electrical, civil and mechanical engineering, and understand how the ocean works. Ocean engineers have made it possible to study hydrothermal vents, ocean …

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Environmental Engineering

Other Types Of Engineering Environmental Engineering Environmental engineers have the important task of ensuring sustainability in the world. They study water, soil and air pollution and design ways to solve these problems. Their focus is on protecting ecosystems and ensuring human health (i.e., safe drinking water). In terms of ocean conservation, they acquire knowledge of water pollutants …

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Electrical Engineering

Other Types Of Engineering Electrical Engineering Electrical engineering is a field that deals with the technology of electricity like the design and maintenance of electrical control systems. An electrical engineer designs and develops new electrical systems such as drones, water heaters, digital cameras, headphones, washing machines etc. They apply the physics and mathematics of electricity …

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Biological Engineering

Other Types Of Engineering Biological Engineering Biological engineers combine a passion for life sciences with engineering principles to help solve problems faced by living organisms, like animals, plants and microbes. They do so by designing machines, structures, processes and instrumentation. For example, they design medical devices and can modify bacteria to produce fuel. Biological engineers are working on …

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Mechanical Engineering

Other Types Of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical engineers are tasked with designing, testing and building machines for either energy conversion (engines, motors, turbines, etc.), manufacturing machinery (drills, robots, etc.) or transportation (vehicles, pipelines, etc.). They are able to design innovations that would capture plastic from wastewater treatment facilities; subsequently stopping microbeads, microplastics and microfibres from …

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Civil Engineering

Other Types Of Engineering Civil Engineering Civil engineers have the broad task of creating, improving and protecting our environment and providing facilities to live (i.e., roads, water supply, sewage, waste management, irrigation, etc.). They must plan, design, construct and operate water and wastewater treatment plants, analyze water quality and find ways of reusing water. With the increasing amount …

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